Firm Overview

Dedicated to Oil and Gas Business Law

Since our establishment in 1980, the Law Office of Lawrence M. Elkus has offered legal services to individuals and businesses across Michigan, as well as in Texas, Pennsylvania, and throughout the country. We are a nationwide practice that is dedicated to oil and gas business law. Our law firm is available to assist independent oil companies, investors, and landowners in making their business ventures successful.

E-mail us or call us at 248-539-3232 to meet with an experienced oil and gas law attorney.

Our lead attorney, Lawrence M. Elkus, has earned a great deal of respect from his practice of business law as it relates to oil and gas matters. He has developed a depth of knowledge that is recognized throughout the legal and business community. On a regular basis, he is asked to share his knowledge with his peers in the form of lectures, teaching, and published articles.

As a small law firm, we take a hands-on approach to helping our clients meet their business goals. Whether you are concerned with an oil and gas securities matter, a business transaction, or other legal issue, we will take the time to get to the heart of your concern. When we offer guidance, you can be assured that it is tailored specifically to the needs of you or your business. The path to success is different for everyone. We have the knowledge and experience to help you determine the route that is right for you. We offer creative solutions for successful ventures.