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Business Taxation Law Attorney

While taxes may be unavoidable, a good lawyer knows how to minimize their impact. At the Law Office of Lawrence M. Elkus, we can help you and your business keep the money you have earned. Since 1980, we have served businesses and individuals in greater Detroit and across Michigan, as well as clients in Texas, Pennsylvania, and throughout the country. Our experience can help you maximize your bottom line.

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We offer assistance with business income tax planning for oil and gas companies and other businesses. The potential to minimize tax implications depends on the details. We carefully scrutinize the structure of your business, working hard to help you hold on to your money, rather than turning it over as taxes. Whether your transaction involves real property, other goods, or acquisition or sale of a business itself, we can help.

The Law Office of Lawrence M. Elkus assists clients with estate tax planning issues such as succession planning for oil and gas companies or other types of businesses. You want to provide that the business you have created can survive the transition if you are no longer around to handle everyday operations. And you want to ensure that it can be passed along to family members while minimizing the tax burden. Let us show you how.

We provide proactive assistance to businesses and individuals involved in oil and gas transactions. Our firm can help you understand how tax law issues affect your business. We can help you minimize financial loss.

We serve clients subject to IRS audits and other actions taken by the Internal Revenue Service. If you or your business has received a letter or visit from the IRS, we can help you understand the implications. We will carefully scrutinize your records and build a legal strategy to minimize or eliminate the repercussions.

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